She Was A Simple Girl (White Tiger)

She was a simple girl
working night and day
to fullfil the tricks
for her daily pay

She roamed the streets
feeling tired and blue
at times with graceful thinking
other times with no clue

She lacked a friend
who would make her smile
someone she could trust
who would stay a while
sometimes crazy thoughts
would fill up her head
like; 'She jumped out the window
and now she's dead.'

She wanted no more
of this sorry life
no more loaded guns
not even her knife

She wanted to pursue
her life long dream
having her house
along side a stream

She wanted to see
the sunrise east
she wanted to see
it set in the west

She wanted her children
to loudly scream
'Mommy, mommy
you're the very best.'

But there came one foggy, rainy night
in which her naked body was found
tied around a lifeless tree
on the outskirts of town

Her life was shattered, by a homeless man
a nobody, who refused to understand
this simple girl, he took away
she cried over and over again, on that very day

Now, no more guns, no more nights
no more knives, no more fights
no more house, next to that stream
no more life, no more dreams.

4 Responses
  1. cup cup cup....jangan nangis ya, Wur. be strong!

  2. Gaphe Says:

    eaaa... eaa.
    melow marshmallow nih ceritanya.

    yuuk semangka jeeng.. semangaat kakaak!

  3. Enno Says:

    eeeeeh jgn lompat dr jendela dong! :(
    tp klo masih pengen jg, pastikan jarak dr ambangnya ke tanah cuma setengah meter yaaaa....


  4. tagline-nya ngeri..
    life doesn't love you back? hmm... But, don't ever forget, God always love you :)


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